Veronica and Rodrigo

Volunteered Under Mandore Project,Jodhpur

Mandore Project - Veronica and Rodrigo

This three weeks we spent together were really special. To work with the village kids was such a different, and great, experience for us.

We don't have words to describe how amazing the kids are, so eager to learn, smart, alive, curious and at the same time so lovely. It was really hard saying goodbye, but very reconforting to see that in just 3 weeks they learnt so fast and we could perceive a difference.

The guest house is beautiful, and the garden so peaceful and inviting that was a daily inspiration to prepare the classes. We really felt like home! The restaurant food was fresh and delicious.We would like to thank each and every one of your family and the people that work over the guest house for such great warmth we received and the way we were treated.

We really enjoyed!Keep on with it! It's a beautiful project! Best,

Mandore Project

The project aims to organize fun, educational activities for rural schools children in order to inspire them to learn and give them some much needed attention. You’ll play games and sports, sing songs and do some arts-and-crafts, all aimed at teaching the kids basic English, while giving them the attention and love they need and deserve. You might also expect to prepare and teach your own lessons as well, depending on the local need. You may also assist with some painting and renovation work as well.

Service Provided