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Mandore Project has a long history in supporting local community projects.
We regularly attract international volunteers to support a range of activities. Volunteers join us either as an individual or within a group.
Volunteers work on grass roots projects which naturally involve daily exposure to Indian customs and traditions, this is a great way to learn about Indian culture first hand through direct involvements and the fact you are coming to offer assistance ensures you will be warmly welcomed into the local community.

Working With Schools

The love, care and attention received during the formative early years of a child’s life is directly linked to the health and happiness of that child as she grows. Assist in the care of children and encourage brighter smiles and brighter futures. Make learning exciting from a young age and build inquisitive minds and a thirst for knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Make each day fun and whether you are teaching ABCs, nursery rhymes or numbers create a colourful and positive learning environment. Just as energies are running low from a morning of play assist staff in serving a nutritious meal to refuel the children and then let the fun recommence!

Computer Skills

Teach computer skills to students from primary age to adult learners. Work with students who have little or no knowledge of computers – teaching things such as switching on the computer, using the mouse, managing different windows or word processing skills. For those students who already have some knowledge of computers – compliment their studies and teach intermediate skills such as internet, email, spread sheets, presentations, printing documents and how to connect with computer devices.

Learning computers is exciting and sometimes challenging for those who have little experience or opportunity to use them. Show students that with regular use, computers are easy and fun and not only used for work purposes but for recreation and as a self-learning tool too.

Women's Empowerment

Rural women in India/Rajasthan are among the most disadvantaged people in the world in the terms of decision making power and access to development opportunities. Education is the most influential tool to raise the status of women in developing countries.

We promote educational and training activities for women and adolescent girls in the villages of Jodhpur. Whether you are teaching English language, email writing or interview skills your time spent with the women will be some of your most enjoyable moments in India. Classes are thoroughly enjoyed and not only do the women learn from volunteers but volunteers learn so much about their daily lives and Indian culture, forming mutual understandings, friendships and fond memories.

Supporting learning through play with pre-school children

Our main area of activity is working with schools in rural locations. Working at rural schools volunteers attend school for half-day to develop the pupils English language and conversational skills. Working with 8-14 year olds you will encourage development through a range of formal and informal activities. Engaging with you will enable them to experience different pronunciation and language use. Your presence will be a strong motivation for them to want to learn more and an opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills.

Children in government schools do not have the same opportunities of privately educated children to develop their English language skills. We offer a range of activities to support their development and compliment school provision. Offered in less formal settings activities may also include art, drama, sports and computer skills. International volunteers support the local volunteers by sharing knowledge and good practice and by running sessions. The children love spending time with international volunteers who can teach them about the outside world; they will be full of questions and will love to hear stories and facts about your home country.

Your Role

As an individual volunteer you would assist in teaching the children from surrounding villages with the help of the teachers and language supporting staff. The priority is to teach basic and conversational English however you are also welcome to use your imagination and personal interests to inspire the children by teaching various subjects and extra-curricular activities. This could mean you train a group in athletics, teach arts and crafts, organise and introduce new games and sports from your own countries schools. Other examples include playing music, teaching mathematics, world affairs, hygiene, nutrition and developing awareness against burning issues like drug abuse, HIV/AIDs and other preventive education.

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Mandore Project

The project aims to organize fun, educational activities for rural schools children in order to inspire them to learn and give them some much needed attention. You’ll play games and sports, sing songs and do some arts-and-crafts, all aimed at teaching the kids basic English, while giving them the attention and love they need and deserve. You might also expect to prepare and teach your own lessons as well, depending on the local need. You may also assist with some painting and renovation work as well.

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