Dale Sniegowski

Volunteered With Us Under Mandore Project,Jodhpur


The opportunity to teach English at the school. It was a very uplifting experience. And, as I told you when I was in Mandore, don't be surprised when I write to ask to come back for another opportunity to volunteer. It would be a pleasure to help your NGO again. With Best Regards from your friend and fellow caring human,

Dale Sniegowski

Mandore Project - My Experience, Jessica Amsellem

I would like to tell you that the three weeks that I had as a volunteer with your NGO, teaching English in the local school in Mandore, was an extremely significant experience in my life. Teaching English to the children was not only a benefit to them but, I believe, was good for all of humanity. We, as members of this human race, gain so much when we just care and share with one another. These types of sharing bypass the political rhetoric and posturing that we are so bombarded with, by the world's governments, on a daily basis. As you and I talked about, one on one, all of us deserve peace, love and happiness. Your efforts most certainly foster the most positive ways to do this.

Since I have returned, so often, visions of being in the classroom, with the children, appear in my mind. I can only smile when I "see" the faces of those children, in that classroom. They certainly did learn to read, write and speak some English, but, I believe that they also learned that people can care for one another, and want to share. Oh, how I wish that I could have stayed a bit longer. Those children showed so much potential, and I was very pleased with how much progress that they made, in a short time. I hope that the work that we did was the foundation for them to grow and progress, in so many ways. It certainly would be very interesting to return, after some time, to see how well that the children progress from the "seeds that I planted" with them. Maybe I can make that a future reality.

Mandore Project

The project aims to organize fun, educational activities for rural schools children in order to inspire them to learn and give them some much needed attention. You’ll play games and sports, sing songs and do some arts-and-crafts, all aimed at teaching the kids basic English, while giving them the attention and love they need and deserve. You might also expect to prepare and teach your own lessons as well, depending on the local need. You may also assist with some painting and renovation work as well.

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