Jessica Amsellem

Volunteered Under Mandore Project,Jodhpur


Mandore Project - My Experience, Jessica Amsellem

The two week volunteer program that I participated in was an amazing experience, both as a volunteer and as a teacher. I found teaching English in the village school to be very challenging, mainly because of the language barrier but also due to resources at the school being limited. It was essential to be creative, lively and dynamic within the classroom in order to achieve maximum results. By the end of the two weeks, the progress of the children was visible both academically and in terms of self confidence. Even though I came to teach I feel that I actually learnt so much more from the children, the children's motivation, participation, and immense show of affection that I received just filled me up with such self satisfaction every day. In a way it left me feeling that the whole experience was slightly unfair, because I came here to give but no matter how much I gave I always felt that I was receiving so much more. Apart from teaching at the school, my time at Mandore Guest House was like finding a new home and family. Everyone who works there makes you feel like you are part of the family, whether you come for two nights or two weeks. I have the warmest memories of the beautiful place and the people, both of which I hope to see again.

Jessica Amsellem

Mandore Project

The project aims to organize fun, educational activities for rural schools children in order to inspire them to learn and give them some much needed attention. You’ll play games and sports, sing songs and do some arts-and-crafts, all aimed at teaching the kids basic English, while giving them the attention and love they need and deserve. You might also expect to prepare and teach your own lessons as well, depending on the local need. You may also assist with some painting and renovation work as well.

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